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Getting married in the British Virgin Island is simple if you ensure you have all the necessary legal documents detailed below. From private island takeovers to barefoot escapes in the British Virgin Islands, we can help plan your perfect wedding. 
Why get married in the British Virgin Islands?
The picture postcard beaches, luxury hideaway hotels and stunning diving are a huge draw for couples looking to get married in the British Virgin Islands. Both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic operate scheduled flights from London Gatwick to Antigua with onwards flights to Tortola with Liat.
Each of the islands has it's own unique character and we can talk you through the different options available and advise you on the best choice for your wedding requirements. Getting married in the BVI's with it's quiet beaches, yachting retreats and turquoise Caribbean waters is a wonderful choice for couples.
Julia and her team at Caribbean Weddings can help you with your choice of hotel, island and itinerary on 01752 880880.
Getting Married in the British Virgin Islands - the requirements in brief...
- To get married in the British Virgin Island you need to be present in the country for at least three working day to process the necessary documents.
- On the day of arrival, couples need to apply for a licence at the Attorney General's office in Tortola. The openinf hours are Mon-Fri 0830-1630. The application will take three days to process.
- Documents required: valid passport, original copy or certified copy of birth certificate, flight tickets or eticket information. If either party have been married previously then they are required to provide the original copy of Decree Absolute or a certified copy. If either party are widowed then a certified or original copy of the previous marriage certificate and death certificate is required. Any documents not in English require a certified translation. 
- If you are getting married in the British Virgin Islands, two witnesses are required. One for signing the licence application and one to be present at the ceremony.
- Licence fee depends on the length of time the couple reside in the BVI's 
- After applying for the licence the couple must revisit the Registrar General's office to schedule an appointment for the date and time of the marriage.
- Additional information required - ages of the couple, occupations, names of the two witnesses
- If either party is under 18 years old, parental consent is required and a statutory declaration stamped and signed by a solicitor is required.
- If either party has had their name changed by deed poll, legal proof is required which has been certified by a solicitor or lawyer. This is also the case if a previously married woman has reverted back to her maiden name.
- If either party has been adopted then an original copy of the certificate is required, or a certified copy.
Now the legal bit is over, it's time to talk about the best bit, where are you going to choose in the British Virgin Islands to get married? Call our experts on 01752 880880 to talk through your ideas and we'll help make your wedding come true.