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Why get married in Nevis?

A perfect choice for a wedding, Nevis has a very romantic history – it is here that Horatio Nelson met and married Fanny Nisbet! The island is almost untouched by tourism, with a relaxed pace of life... you can marry in stunning surroundings of lush green valleys, secluded palm fringed beaches, cool tropical rainforests, gardens, and romantic plantations.

Nevis wedding requirements in brief... 

You should be present on the island for 2 full working (week) days before the wedding day.

Documents required:

  • valid passport or birth certificate
  • if previously married, the divorce papers or death certificateif not previously married, an affidavit confirming your single status (this can be obtained from a Notary either in the UK or on island)

The Marriage Licence is obtained through the Legal Department, Administration Building, and a fee is payable in stamps purchased from the Post Office in Charlestown.

So now we have covered the formalities of getting married in Nevis... the fun begins! Call our experts on 01752 880880 to talk through your ideas and we'll help make your wedding dreams come true.